43 online dating cliches

I'm not looking for a boyfriend I already have a boyfriend I just wanna be friends I got out of a bad relationship recently I need to be single right now I'm not looking to date anyone at the moment My life is so hectic and busy I don't have the time I work constantly I have kids and pets to care for Sorry you're not my type You're just way too nice I'm kinda seeing someone Oh I'm married I'm engaged or about to be engaged I Need to Focus on Myself My boyfriend will be here any minute I need to focus on myself My parents wouldn't approve I'm very religious so I can't date you I came here with friends I need to leave to see my friends Sorry I'm feeling sick I gotta go I have this horrible headache I'm working on this huge project for work and it's so time-consuming I would but I'm leaving for insert location here ex.

I can't I'm actually moving to insert location here ex. I just got over a bad break-up I'm working things out with my ex I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend I don't want to get hurt by anyone Going through an awful depressive period I found out recently that I'm pregnant I'm confused about my sexuality so I don't know. Our Signs Don't Match Up I can't date anyone outside my religion I need someone who is stable financially or emotionally I would meet you but I got a flat tire on the way there Can't go on our date today, my car broke down I wish I could see but I got called into work a few minutes ago Well sorry but I'm highly allergic to them Our signs don't match up astrology I'm so busy right now; I promise I'll call you later I'm so busy right now; I promise we'll meet up soon You don't want to date me; I'm extremely complicated I'm sorry I don't date smokers Sorry I'm really into bad boys more.

Let's be friends first and see what happens I can't date you because I don't like children I'm not the one you want; I won't be able to make you happy Our personalities are way too different I'm too stressed out to get into a relationship I don't want to get into anything serious right now You're a little too sweet and kind for me You're not a good kisser, I need someone who can kiss We have different social values and standards I honestly can't see us working out I have way too much baggage to date you I need someone a lot more adventurous Sorry I couldn't call you because I completely lost your number I drank too much to remember what happened last night.

You're Too Perfect for Me You are too intelligent for me I had no idea you wanted us to go out You talk to other girls, I don't want to take that chance I won't go out with a player false assumption I rather not take the chance of a guy cheating on me or playing with my emotions I'm far too emotional to be with anyone You're too perfect for me Is that your car?

Oh I thought you drove a Porsche 9. You're car is too dirty, and I can't be with someone who has a dirty car 8. I'm looking to settle down rather than date 6. I have this doctor's appointment and I need to get my hair done 4. Oh my gosh I thought you were gay 2. We have too much in common and are too alike 1. In or Out of Bounds? Are some of these excuses going too far? I don't think so Excuse if you must, but at least attempt to be honest if you can. Men and Women How many excuses do you use if uninterested in someone? Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

And it applies to every woman on Earth. Now that that's settled, I can go live my life on my terms! As long as you're happy that's all that matters. My ex asked me out, unfortunately she left me and I never dated again. I agree honesty with diplomacy is best. Having "class" is commendable.

20 online dating cliches - and what they really mean

As I sated in my closure article it really does no good! Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself! The goal is to find someone who will love and appreciate you for you. It was a rhetorical question. One day they came across one another and she said they had a long talk. Afterwards she felt she free to move on and love again. In my opinion that's giving an ex too much power over one's life! She can't get those years back!

The more sexual you are, the more he's going to assume you're interested in sex. Calling him "cute" won't do that, but calling him "hot" might. And it's rather annoying to read, seeing as how you'd think women understood that men simply don't get complemented anywhere near the same amount as women do.

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It's not even an order of magnitude less often. It's probably, on average, two or three orders of magnitude that's to times less. A guy will have absolutely no problem walking up to a woman and telling her in some way or another that she's hot as lava.

30 Worst Phrases to Use on Your Dating Profile

She has to post a question on AskMe. You starting to see the scope of the issue here?

For Guys: How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Just tell him, "Hey, I just wanted you to know, I think you're hot. Don't mince words and say something you might not mean, or worse, say something that second-guesses your intent.

Not cute , not delicious , not easy on the eyes. I thinking that I'm not ready to say, "your photo makes me wet" You sound like what you're looking for is someway to say exactly that, but not so directly. In short you want flirt a bit, let the guy know that his photo puts sex in your mind, and you're open to the possiblility later. So, a few examples: I am feeling insecure about my approach for how to tell him that I find him extremely attractive "Can I buy you a drink? Wow, I better clarify!! I didn't say, "Guys know when they 'aren't grossly repulsive' or when they are 'merely acceptable' or even 'mildly attractive.

The OP wanted to tell a guy he was "hot. If he's "hot," that's one thing. If he's merely "cute," that's another. Is cute the anti-hot? OK, guys, maybe you are clueless as you whether you fit either of these categories I am personally not an attractive person, however I have male friends who are, and they have no idea. The only exception I can think of at the moment also happens to be a self-absorbed ass, so in my view the fact that he knows he's hot is merely coincidental -- he'd think he was hot even if he weren't posted by aramaic at 2: I'm dipping my toe into the murky pool of internet dating atm.

I have to say that, as far as I'm concerned and I make no claims to be generally representative the whole cute thing would be a bad angle to take at the beginning. If you're contacting me, of all the thousands of lonely men on internet dating sites, I think there is an unspoken assumption that you may find me less then hideous.

But don't talk about it straight away. Whilst it may well give my ego a welcome boost, it won't further your cause greatly.

She's Just Not That Into You!

Rather, I'd look for something more conversational, something where you can spark some sort of conversation, rather than physical complements. If there's text in the profile talk about something there instead - let the rest come in due course. That said I am both still single and thoroughly English and hence viciously repressed - your target market may differ!

Discussions about whether definitively hot guys vs. Nobody wants to tread that path. Forget what I said, it's not on point anyway. I agree with all the other posts who say that it's best to be wary of photos anyway and I can speak from experience that this is SO true. Don't think your initial communication needs to contain any reference to what you think of his appearance.

If you give any sort of compliments based on a photo, then find in person that said photo is way off-base, 10 years old, or of a totally different person, etc. People send misleading photos. Prentiz, I think you're hot. It really doesn't matter how you put it. A compliment is a compliment. If a woman -- or man or old woman or little girl or old man or little boy or monkey or mongoloid -- told me that I am nice looking, I'd be flattered and glad to hear it.

Just make the word choice unambiguous. Don't say "you look interesting" or something equally dubious. Ask to meet him for coffee. Alternatively, call him dignified or handsome. As a 45 year old man, I have been called "cute" and don't take offense to it. It's just a common word used to tell someone you find them attractive.

I have also been called adorable, handsome, good looking, nice looking, and a few others. I am not saying these people have any taste, btw. But the point is, I am not going to complain about whatever word is used as a compliment. Sure, maybe some men think "cute" should be reserved for babies and puppies, but I don't think they would be insulted. I think astruc's "I like your photograph" is perfect. The phrase "the opposite of fugly" also occurred to me, if you want something a bit more direct yet lighthearted.

Agreeing with a few previous posters, but with a slight twist Telling someone they're attractive right out of the gate will probably make them feel great. For fear of being called out as someone who "plays games" I would say that you're giving up too much by telling someone he's attractive right off the top. You're already going out of your way to make contact with this guy. The whole hard-to-get thing is a cliche, but there's some truth to it.

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Embarassingly, I spent a few years watching the show "Blind Date" I also watched "Larry Sanders" reruruns, so don't judge too harshly and I noticed something quite interesting. Whether you are new to online dating or have five different accounts across three different dating services, there are certain cliches that seem to be on everyone and anyone's profile.

Now the key to creating a successful and enticing online dating profile is being fresh and unique, as well as interesting, of course. But as I find myself swiping left after left, I am puzzled by the amount of world travelers and adventure seekers within 50 miles of my current location. I was unaware there was a comedy club nearby because apparently all of these girls are fluent in sarcasm, and I had no idea girls not only love partying and drinking excessively, but ALSO staying in with wine and watching a movie.

I never would have guessed in a million years! But you know, as they say: Below are seven cliche statements that you are guaranteed to encounter on profiles while using an online dating service and what they essentially mean. I hate to say it, but putting this on your dating profile effectively screams "basic.

Those who clarify this on their dating profile wish to seem adventurous and diverse, but in reality they merely sound like the previous 20 profiles I just encountered. More often than not, those who tend to state that they love to travel on their profile haven't actually traveled all that much. Maybe they studied abroad in Europe last semester or recently visited friends across the country or took a cruise to Mexico this summer; does this really qualify them as much of a traveler?

It's hilarious because it is usually the short and chubby girls who put this on their profile the most. I understand that everyone has a "type," but setting ground rules from the beginning like that just makes you come off as a bitch.