Benefits of dating tall guys

Because others are intimidated by his height, you just feel cool standing around him. Kissing a tall guy is also cute as you get to stand on your toes, there is nothing as sexy as this.

Using his long, cute arms, he would take stunning photos from above. You May Also Like. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

15 advantages of having a really tall boyfriend

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Five soldiers arrested over attempted coup in Gabon. When you are near a hot tall guy, you feel safe, like nothing can happening to you because other people are intimidated by tall people. You feel safe when they hug you, and your height matches theirs in such a way that your ear hits their heart and you can hear it beat.

7 Main Rules of Dating a Short Girl

When they hug you from behind they can rest their chin on your head and grab you, causing you to melt a little bit inside. You can turn their sweaters and shirts into dresses.

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Just throw on some pumps and hit the club, gurl! Hot guys who are tall and big can reach stuff off the top shelf for you, and when they do you can stare at them and watch as their muscles flex.

15 advantages of having a really tall boyfriend | Metro News

All tall hot guys are sexy when sitting down because they are so tall that they have to slouch, meaning their legs are spread open kind of and just yessss. Tall guys look great in clothes because clothes are made with tall people in mind.

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  • People who love tall guys know that the act of looking at a tall dude is an act of seduction because you have to look up at him and just omg. Sometimes a hot guy is so tall that holding his hand is awkward so you hold his bicep instead, which is just as good! Because when your hot tall man friend takes you to concerts, he can see everything but will use his domineering height to comb through the crowd to make sure you get to see, too.

    Tall guy short girl dating issues

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