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Just as good as the GTX Ti for a fraction of the price. The Division 2's beta weekend starts February 7th, signups open now. Jump to comments Philippa Warr Contributor More by me. Please enable Javascript to view comments. More of this sort of thing Wot I Think: Artifact It's very card How to watch Dota 2 Top tips for watching pro esports First Impressions, First Heroes Getting to know you Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. Just as good as the GTX Ti for a fraction of the price Your new best graphics card for p gaming Hopefully you enlighten me and show me how good you are exactly with a game or two after you went all the way to write me such a extravagant letter about myself.

Who knows, that might prove what you stated about me. Yes it does, get your head out of your arse. Yes it does, as a guy in the very high skill level pool with wins i can assure you it does. I'm often asking myself WHY are those people even playing in High brackets?: It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with: It was practially unwinnable.

I'm not even mad anymore, cuz i was expecting that after a win streak. Its an Auto-Loose the second you enter the game. Do you understand that? Its an unwinnable game. The second that you enter the game it doesn't matter if you're dendi or singsing or iceiceice or burning or mushi or misery or whoever What does MM do? In theorie it is perfect, but I feel noobs drag games more down, than a good player could carry it.

MM isn't perfect but it's not the worst either. The only issue I've with inconsistent stacks who either troll or run 5man dota and gank all day while your solo q team is derping in woods. Where should I "come" man monkey bro that has trouble reading 2 sentences? Now you resort to personal insult? I'm a monkey because I gave you a free lesson? I explained to you in detail why you shouldn't get an orchid on nyx You still think you had the most ideal item choice?

Matchmaking is simply bad, it doesn't try to accomplish anything specific. He plays almost exclusively in stacks with professional players. We are talking about solo queues. In his 10 most recent wins he has been 8 in a stack of between 3 and 5 people, therefore what Puppey does is not a valid arguement.

I explained to you in detail why you shouldn't get a orchid on nyx You still think you had the most ideal item choice? Some scientist stipulated that humans came from monkes so why would it make it a insult by comparing you to our respected ancestors? Man bro why are you a racist? Do you not like monkeys?

Won a few games back to back. But i think it takes time to deliver something that satisfies everyone or at least a great deal of players. Valve even made beginnings by implementing a chatwheel and open new servers. But these things take time. And for all the whinos who say "they have a store already ffs,fix the MM" be happy that you get a free game AND free stuff in the game without any gamebreaking cuts like buying heros from the store.

I feel sorry for the people who had to carry you and yeah, you really are bad at this game. I'm not saying it's perfect; bad newbies just don't have the right to complain about it.

Want to add to the discussion?

I know what you mean. So many peope going bannanas over petty things and I think that would be due to the fact that Valve is trying to keep things in control by staying silent on this matter. I think that most of this tension would die down just by having Valve make a public statement on this subject. So you did thought of yourself like that. Hey let's shake hands and be friends. What do you say? We can even go grab a bite to eat while we are at it, I know a place that makes some mean bannana splits.

First round is on me. Frist round is on me. How does visible rating change anything if you still get matched with terrible players. I just don't understand the point of it.

Matchmaking ❤ Arteezy & UNiVeRsE ❤ Episode 11 [2014]

They just almost last hit. I mean, this stuff happens even in tournaments. What shouldn't happen is people griefing and talking shit from minute 1 like certain people do.

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Why don't we focus on solving that first? I don't see the problem with stomps Because u are in the wrong thread not so smart guy.

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My account has wins too much time playing only CWs -. Also, there is a difference between balanced skill but stomp happens and imbalanced skill and stomp inevitable. Number of wins do not matter. Experienced people coming from dota1 will have low wins but they will play good nonetheless. That's what a lot of people complaining about. System can be wrong in 2 games out of But it is wrong in games out of I don't get it, why we have to overcome low teammates most of the time.

Im not having fun, i'm getting tired after such games even if i won. I just have one question Cuz i'm pretty sure that they're not reading this forum and all the MM threads in it. Yes they do know that the MM system has flaws. I know this by direct confirmation. But they choose to stay quite about it and find a solution before they make public statemets about it.

How would you know that? Irony itself Irrelevante, irony itself. We are the idiots for you and vice-versa. But this one quotation of yours got you good, funny how your subconscious trying to reach you but you are still deaf to it. I wouldn't blame you, this one goes on your education account, you might learn something at school but it has its price. I'm not insulting his education, it's quite the opposite. I wouldn't blame you, this one goes to your education account, you might learn something at school but it has its price. Requiring to insult the education of the guy you are trying to refute is not going to win the argument for you.

Most likely the opposite. The entire post is based on a flawed premise. No idea why this thread hasn't been closed yet. Anyway, I don't understand why people assume that the matchmaking is intentionally giving them bad allies. Not every match is going to be good. But why do people assume that it is doing this on purpose?

There is no solid evidence to suggest that you get shit allies when your winrate is higher. First of all, winrate doesn't mean anything, the hidden MMR and of games played are the main factors taken into account. Just because you got unlucky with a match after winning some games doesn't mean it's doing it on purpose.

You're also misinterpreting stuff. Then all of a sudden out of no where I'm playing with shit cans who don't know how to skill anyone all Sven without specing into stun for example My profile is pretty obvious for whoever is interested: All I have posted is requests for proof. You guys are making these claims against what valve has said. You have to prove it, not me. Now, let's look at this Nemesis3xxx post: On that page you won one single game more than you lost.

That is not statistically significant. The losing streak is more likely significant. I looked at one game, the one where you are the ES, and did not see this. You did not play significantly better than your teammates. It is not surprising that these lanes were lost, and only a few kills were given up in each lane, but that added up since all lanes were lost. I think you don't recognize the difference between feeding and getting beaten. Your teammates did not play particularly badly. There were a handful of mistakes throughout the game that the enemy was able to capitalize on because of their early advantage.

Your top lane was too aggressive, especially after clinkz took a death or two you should have been more defensive and done more to keep him alive. Also your failure to buy wards resulted in several ganks. Games are almost never over that early. Surely this one wasn't - it was lost by continual mistakes and failure to play defensively enough after losing the early game.

You've broken a losing streak, but you're hardly winning "all" the games, or even a large percentage. I did not see you do your job as a support in this game. You make the mistake you accuse others of, and did not play significantly better than your "stupid" allies. I think you do not understand the difference between feeding and getting beaten, are quick to write games off as finished, and blame others. If you think I should look at other games, please tell me which ones. Most of these common sense mistakes are arguable and subtle things.

About the only one that could clearly be argued every time would be carries autoattacking creeps.

Some of your games clearly have a bad player tinker vs AM, lol but I think the percentage is a lot lower than you think. While I am not pro at dota, I'm not that newbie either. Why would I get people in my team for many games in a row who go ? Even in my "off day", I manage to get lots of assists if I do not get kills and die a lot. Because the matchmaking is bad. I'm not denying that. But to assume that it is doing it on purpose is just making bad assumptions. They said "- We don't enforce a win rate Maybe we should?

Obviously, the matchmaking isn't doing this very well. But that is because the matchmaking is really bad, not because it's intentionally doing it. I loved the match where I was matched with a drow with 0 wins. Ok, I get it, he was with friends. At least you can give me players with same amount of experience since you're giving me allies from hell.

Maybe they fought if you are good and win multiple games in a row, giving you worse teammates makes a balanced game, but it doesn't work like that, bad players destroy games. Bad dota knowledge from the dev maybe. P Seriously mods, implement a daily post limit please or rename these boards "ranaki's forums". It's like the same people posting x more than anyone else and suffocating any discussion that comes up. I don't even know why I bother reading the boards anymore since it's just spam. Why are people defending Valve here?

That's how the matchmaker was apparently designed. How is it possible that my accounts with less than wins is pared with better players than my main account? When I go on long winning streaks I eventually get matched with players that have less than 50 games played and they don't even know how to use the courier. They run back to base to refill their mana at full health, they don't know that you can buy boots at the side shops, etc. Come on, that's ridiculous. Sometimes I can carry these guys and still win, sometimes I can't. Really it depends on whether or not I realized it was a noob game and picked a solo mid semi-carry hero instead of a support Visible ratings please?

That way I have a better idea of what role matchmaker expects me to play in the game. If you want me to carry noobs, at least me beforehand instead of blindsiding me. Yes I have the same feeling as this man. You get teammates who play and support very good for few games, they communicate, gank, buy items and then all of a sudden you get teammate who can't use a courier or buy it. Its obvious I got weaker teammates while my enemies remained at the same level as before. Why can't they give me the same good teammates who buy wards and courier and communicate at least chat wheel and just pair us up against stronger enemies?

Even put us against a stack still better then the game where they have no idea. At least I lose a game where everyone knew their role. Expecting me to carry like this is just sad. I once had to carry as Ogre Magi because our carry had no boots by 15 min. Had to get daedalus and butterfly on Ogre Magi to win that game. The real reason Valve hides MMRs is so that no one will figure out how shit their MM system is and can cover it up with "no empirical evidence" since no one can create any because there are no visible MMRs.

I bet once they actually get a decent algorithm, they'll make MMR visible. I've never played a competitive game without a visible ranking system. If DotA 2 wants to attempt to be competitive, they will have one. Lots of ad-hominems and anecdotal "evidence" flying around here.

Dote Night: How Does Dota 2 Matchmaking Work?

I'm not going to step into the fray too much , but I wanted to point out a logical fallacy that is plaguing the "MM is broken" point of view. People say things like the following: Here's one of my matches proving this: This is a typical viewpoint of a lot of people in this debate, championed for example by ranaki. I'm not really trying to pick on you specifically; I'm just providing context. While I agree that this example team will lose most of the time, there's a problem with this argument. I'm actually just going to go ahead and get the first response to my post out of the way right now: Warrition, you are a noob.

For instance, you played as drow recently https: Your item choices in this game prove that you are not qualified to speak on logical fallacies. I agree with your sentiment entirely. I hate that Warrition guy. Thanks for that, I had a piece of that idea floating around in my head but didn't care enough to put it together properly. It's a pretty strong argument, except for the fact that complainants can simply say that valve has no idea what they are doing, and would thus never realize the flaw in their own flawed system. And they don't even need to back it up with any logic.

Cordimix, look up the ad hominem fallacy. Attacking the arguer is not a proper way to conduct an argument.

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  5. You were presented with errors that you made in game, and yet still you dodge them and ignore them, preferring to attack me. You also engage in a straw man, as I never once claimed I was a good player. I am a bad player, but I know that and I'm willing to admit that.

    When I make errors, I strive to notice them, understand them, and then eliminate them from my play. Whether that happens is a different matter. For example, take my last game as Zeus.

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    My last hitting was poor, I very infrequently poked properly in lane with my q, and my build choice was not very good considering the enemy team, nor what was even good for Zeus as a hero. But do I make excuses? Do I blame my teammates for not ganking mid more often so I could get free farm, or to blame them for stealing kills from me? No, I blame myself. Not even once have I seen you directly address your poor scores and build choices.

    Please understand, I am not trying to attack you as a person or as a player, I just want you to realize that most often the factor in you doing bad is, surprisingly enough, you. Without you acknowledging and accepting that, you will never get better. Admittedly finding proof is pretty hard.

    Most people can cite games yet fail to realize they have games where they have won with those people What is hilarious is that people think a small percentage of win difference means someone is pure trash or not. I have just under games on my main account and I am at That is a total of only 14 games up, which could easily be skewed by a few bad games or playing a hero I might not to experienced with. Since the prevalence of people who random in AP games, it is easy to imagine that people can have bad games with heroes they aren't amazing with I suppose the only real way to "track" this would be to consistently track every game you play, but also track the games played of people around you.

    Steam Support

    Even then conclusions could vary purely on opinion of hero performance, coordination and other matters that you can't always see from the scoreboard alone. I have had many games where someone could look at the scoreboard and see someone with KD in the game and think "that guy almost won the game" but he could of been the reason why you lost if he refused to participate in team fights or only came in late to clean up a few easy kills. The next game goes well again, then i'm being queued with people that are a bit better against another team of 1 good guy, and 4 clowns. I don't even want to know what valve actually uses to match players like this, i would just love if they would scrap the entire system and make something new and better.

    I would just want that this game at least get's inspired some of the good things the other games have done. Like HoN's matchmaking for the higher tier players. People dont seem to understand that whenever a game is won, its actually lost for the other team. Its so simple, yet people dont want to get it. The lost team can find many reasons now why they lost.

    How often did you check your team when you won? Did you ever look up how often your mates actually lost? How often did you have fun bashing the other team? Why dont I see any: I just bashed this poor Guy, matchmaking is such a fail!!! Its because your laning fiend is worse than you. Someone has to loose. You can find many reasons why it happened, who wants it to happen or whatever. But then you dont understand that someone -has- to loose. Every time, i was doing it before the game even began. If i had enough time to dotabuff. Never unless there were non-polite people on the other side but then it was personal.

    Each co-op game when i was paired with 4 non stacked lvl 1 zero wins non smurfs. They were saying like it is just a game, loss is not a big deal and i was singlehandedly winning a game. God it felt soooo good. It is just one sided bullshit. This is childish, seriously. But im glad you are the most polite Dota Player, checking the win rates of all your mates and enemies, making sure its all equal. I suppose you feed as well if your enemy, lets make it more neutral here, is being bashed to often. You should get an award for being awesome! Dating wigan, there is found under settings options.

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