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The cozy vibe of the patio makes it easy to chat up fellow bar patrons. The laid-back vibe and communal seating make it a perfect spot to grab a beer and strike up a convo with a band-T-shirt-clad stranger. Casey's offers good music, local beer, and a huge outdoor patio that tends to be packed five nights out of the week.

The answer's one part coffee, one part alcohol, and two parts communal seating. Like a bar, this Central Phoenix coffee shop obligates people to sit with strangers.

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But unlike your average drinking hole, it's more socially acceptable to sit by yourself for extended periods of time without looking like a weirdo. With plenty of outdoor activities like ping-pong and cornhole, as well as bar and restaurant options, you and your potential date can extend — or trim — the evening as you see fit. And if for any reason you don't make a connection on the patio or at the bar, there's always the seemingly separate but secretly unified his-and-hers bathroom. Valley Bar North Central Avenue A basement might seem like the last place in the world love might be hiding.

But the cool vibe of this dark bar attracts a mix of young professionals, college students, and creatives.

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During the weekends, it's usually standing room only. Meaning it's more than likely you'll rub elbows with an eligible bachelor or bachelorette. Whether you're catching a game at the bar or playing some bocce ball on patio , you're bound see a few new faces while you're there. Best of all, The Vig has locations in uptown, downtown, Arcadia, and north Scottsdale.

The original vault door adds a touch of elegance and its beautiful interior means its a venue that Cougars in Phoenix just love. An eclectic mix of music is played throughout the evening, anything from house to pop which keeps everyone in the party spirit. An awesome outdoor area complete with cabanas and other seating is perfect for mingling and a luxurious VIP room is also available where you can dine and drink in style. A champagne bar can also be found in the co-ed restroom making this venue a cut above the rest.

Enjoy meeting the classiest of Cougars, who flock here as soon as the working day is done. Th menu is home comfort style food with classics such as steak and grilled seafood which will give you the energy to party all night.

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This funky bar is the perfect venue if you are looking to meet Cougars in Phoenix. The bar has a laid back, yet contemporary feel and boasts a menu of mouth-watering dishes which are served fresh from its sizzling grill.

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With friendly bar staff and a great range of drinks, everyone is welcome here. There are over Bourbons to taste on the menu and the bar regularly hosts live country music. Channel your inner cowboy, don a checked shirt and head down to. Bourbon Jacks Bar and Grill where you are sure to find plenty of Cougars on the dance floor who are looking for a fun night out.

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There you have it, our favorite spots in Phoenix to find attractive older women. Kayla Broek is a regular contributing author for BeyondAges. Helping men and women find and sustain successful relationships is her passion. At Radius you will find the top DJs spinning the hottest dance music under an extraordinary light show.

If you're having problems finding your groove thang, look to one of the sultry go-go dancers for it. Whichever side you are on, there will be plenty of bodies to grind; the dance floors are always packed. So get up on the dance floor or both and move that body to the pounding beats. Readers' Choice for Best Dance Club: Relationships require time, money and too much maintenance in the fast-paced 21st century.

Sanctuary offers a perfect atmosphere for those looking to have a little fun without any strings attached. There are seven fully stocked bars at which to lose your inhibitions, which also allows more time to make the rounds to locate that party partner for the evening.

Sanctuary is always mobbed so it's nearly impossible to strike out. And with the VIP room upstairs, there are always beautiful babes flaunting their stuff on the catwalk. Head to this hot spot that has been dubbed "Skanktuary" because of the abundance of skimpy outfits and slippery morals. Screaming drag queens and young gays and lesbians hover like schoolchildren at recess as the mere mortal 1 a.

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The gender signs left the rest rooms long ago, so leave the modesty behind. With local DJs spinning high-energy techno, house and the occasional Top 40 hit remix, there's enough audio energy to sustain the hot and heavy grinding on the sardine-can-tight dance floor. Ticker Tape Parade is bashing away on the main stage inside the cavernous Nita's, and you're by the big bar, hanging with Valley scenesters, buying each other beers. Five songs into the set, you get that itch in your back, and the spigots prepare to open. Buzzing as you are from all the Red Stripe, you stumble into the john and start your routine.

Looking down, the message hits you in white lettering: God is speaking to you through a red urinal cake.

The Big Man is making his pitch for clean living, even in one of the most energetic live spots in town. You have your little moment of clarity, zip up your pants and stumble back out onto the floor. This is the Valley's most oddly inspirational rest-room break.


You're at Club Freedom, and your girlfriend has exceeded her drink limit and excuses herself to throw up. You get worried about her and stand by the ladies' room. Inevitably, you'll find a girl crying in her cell phone trying to secure a ride home after a dance floor argument with a brutish boyfriend -- Victor, Tommy and Bennie seem to be names the caddish set prefer these days. Or you'll find two girls in spangly dresses with matching boobs, one consoling the other that the guy she just broke up with the month before is dancing with someone else.

It's like a Dr. From our eavesdropping, we found one Eve complaining about her soon-to-be ex for staring at the DJ's crate of vinyl instead of marveling how wonderful she looked. Admittedly, the view from the ladies' room is terribly one-sided, but so are most breakups, and, let's face it, no one's venting anything but bravado at the men's room.