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Behind the Scenes: Big Brother After Dark Season 7

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The viewers were introduced to Beth, a potential eleventh HouseGuest, though she ultimately did not enter. Big Brother 1 is the only season to feature ten HouseGuests, with subsequent seasons featuring twelve or more. George Boswell returned for Big Brother: All-Stars , he finished in 5th. He also returned for Big Brother 10 to host a food competition along with other Big Brother alumnus.

George is the only HouseGuest from Big Brother 1 to appear on a future season of the show. They were required to solve a word puzzle, which would inform them of the location to find money for groceries. It was removed from the house and brought back later to be nursed back to health. They were given the names of dozens of celebrities and had to state whether they were dead or alive. William and Jordan were announced as the nominees this week, with William receiving six nominations and Jordan receiving five.

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On Day 20, HouseGuests are given their new weekly challenge, in which they had days to practice making a set of dominoes fall down in a single session. They had to set up 12, dominoes to form the series logo and then make them all fall by knocking only one domino over. Curtis and Jordan became the second set of nominated HouseGuests this season, with Curtis receiving six nominations and Jordan receiving five nominations.

HouseGuests were later given their new weekly task, which required them to ride a stationary bike for a total of one thousand miles. HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, which required them to write a poem pertaining to the game. They would then have to jump rope together while the rope holders recited the poem. They had one chance to correctly complete the poem, and failure to do so would result in the group failing the task.

That same night, the HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, which required them to take care of a pug named Chiquita. The first team to eat all eight of their pies would choose how the weekly allowance was spent. They ultimately chose not to watch the nominations, thus were not given a prize.

HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, which required them to memorize all of the major highways in the country.

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They would then be required to state what highways would get them from one city to another. Eddie was the winner, with former HouseGuest William secretly giving him a bad massage.

When cued, all HouseGuests would be required to dance at the same time. That same night, Jamie won a two-minute conversation with a casting director due to winning a task earlier in the week. HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, which required them to build a puzzle that featured 4, pieces by the end of the week.

If they came within one dollar of the correct price, they would earn that luxury. HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, which required at least one HouseGuest to be juggling at all times. They were not permitted to drop more than two balls, or they would fail the task. The timer did not stop while the HouseGuests were dialing.

It was revealed that Curtis, Eddie, George, and Jamie were marked for banishment. HouseGuests were given their new weekly task, in which they were required to determine whether or not specific news articles had actually appeared in the news or not. Due to a tie in the voting, all four of the remaining HouseGuests were marked for banishment. Former HouseGuest Cassandra entered the house as a guest that same night, as the HouseGuests had selected her to return days prior.

If one of the other three HouseGuests correctly guessed that Josh was the saboteur, they would win a new flat screen television; Curtis won this prize. Big Brother 1 premiered on July 5, in the US, with the season premiere having over 22 million viewers. Big Brother 1 has typically been cited as "boring" by critics and fans of the series. Upon its announcement, the series has come under fire for both controversy and criticism. After the premiere of the first season, Chicago attorney Marvin Rosenblum filed a lawsuit against CBS, then corporate parent Viacom, and the production company Orwell Productions for alleged copyright infringement.