How do i hook up my imessage to my macbook

Correct, I just tried it and the meeasge never went through. I changed the setting back to my phone number and tried agin, it worked. Getting all of your contacts to switch to your email address is an issue. Hopefully when ios6 is out this will be addressed. No more going from device to device to find that bit of information that was texted to you.

This syncing is very cool…. Like it has been mentioned when the messages sent to your phone thing gets fixed it will be even better. One issue I have found though is that I would rather messages on my Mac did not automatically pop open and show all my messages! But the app automatically opening and then just sitting there showing all my messages is not cool! Anyone know how to stop messages on the Mac to stop automatically opening? I want to be able to open when I need it and see messages synced though.

Try going into notification centre in system prefs, Maybe you can turn off messages there? Of choose what happens when you get one. I had a director who was teaching a class with email running in the background. Phone software up to date. One issue with this is SMS fallback.

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If someone sends to your Apple ID then your iPhone it cannot revert to a regular text. Ditto when sending from the iPhone to an iTunes ID. In my case iMessage reverts to SMS on a fairly regular basis.

Apple really needs to let us use phone number on Macs and iPads. Better yet, have a much more reliable fallback to email.

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  • How to set up and use Messages in iCloud in iOS 11.4.

I agree with the phone number thing. The phone number should act as a portal for data across all devices via iCloud. Meaning you can i message and SMS on any apple device, and take calls on any device providing you have an apple phone. You have to be running Mountain Lion and iOS 5. More of a headache and a tease if you ask me.

Going forward, When you send messages they will come from your Apple ID, and responses will sync to all your devices. When you send messages from your phone they only go to your phone. You can test this by sending a message to your Apple ID. If only your phone gets the echo, your caller ID is set incorrectly. I could not get all mine to sync either — and I only have the one mac id and it was driving me a little crazy.

I changed all my devices to me. For example, I met a hot stud at the gym, we went for a HOT coffee, then afterwards, he gave me his iPhone number, and I texted him hello, both of us thinking he would then have my iPhone number. I find it strange that i can send a test message to my apple ip off my phone and yes i do receive it on my macbook. Updates still need to be required for iMessage. It is in the right direction, just needs the phone number to be the main portal of contact instead of email. Number will always dominate the email.

I can sync in terms of sending and receiving messages but if I delete on iPhone, it remains on iPad unless and until I also delete it from iPad. I did it and have a fix!!!

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  6. Nothing will change other than the fact that iMessage will sync all messages from iPhone, under regular apple ID. Let me know if this works for you, or you need more assistance.. My e-mail is listed above. Both are running the same OS, have the same message settings. It works the other way so when sent from ipad message appears on iphone — have I missed something? I actually had the correct number in my cell phone number field in the AppleID information, but I also had that cell number in the home and evening fields.

    How to Fix iMessage Not Syncing Between a Mac & iPhone/iPad

    I deleted the home and evening fields and hit save. Right away I got an email from Apple confirming changes to my account, and right after that syncing started to work again sending an iMessage from my Mac resulted in that sent message appearing in the messages stream on my iPhone 4s. Just something to point out, I was having issues getting my iPhone 5 to sync messages with my MBP even though all my iCloud info on both devices were the same. What seemed to help was rebooting my phone. A simple little thing that sometimes gets overlooked. That fixed my sync problem with Messages.

    I have still issues with it even though I went through all the mentioned steps.

    How to set up and use Messages in iCloud in iOS | Cult of Mac

    What can be the issue besides that? Go into System Preferences on your Mac. Go to iCloud and enter in your iCloud information. Once I entered in my iCloud info in system preferences all of my contacts synced right up. Have gone through this process several times and messages that are on my Mac are not being downloaded onto my iPhone.

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    4. How to Set Up iMessage on Mac: Beginner's Guide;
    5. Mail will not be published required. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Your messages will sync across all iOS devices and should work soon on Mac. It works on Mac now, once you update to macOS But they will remain accessible from the cloud. Any messages you send or receive on your iPhone will sync almost instantly to your iPad and your Mac. But it has its limits. One is that, if you set up a new device, you will not see any of your old messages or conversations. If you restore your new iPhone from an old backup, then your messages carry over to your new iPhone.

      But what about adding a new device to your iCloud account? If you buy your first iPad, then none of your old messages will appear. Also, each one of your devices currently backs up its entire Messages library.

      Your messages are stored in a central spot, and will be sent to any device you connect, now or in the future. In this way, it works just like iCloud Photo library.

      How to delete an iMessage conversation

      You can also remove old messages from a device, but retain access to them in future, saving a ton of space on your iPhone. Or you could choose to automatically delete old messages from your iPhone, but keep the full history on your Mac. It is disabled by default, probably due to the fact that not everybody pays for iCloud storage in excess of the 5GB Apple gives everyone for free. You access your iCloud settings by tapping the banner with your name on it at the top of the Settings app. You will see a new entry on this list for Messages. Just toggle the switch on to enable Messages in iCloud.