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Record from your audio interface to capture from vinyl, play in a guitar, or grab any other sound into your track. Add creative flourishes to your beats and melodies with the Smart Strip. Slide your fingers to bend sounds, strum instruments, or go wild with Perform FX like Stutter and Echo.

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Use it to build up loops, then work with them in your DAW to quickly flesh out tracks, making it a powerful addition to your setup, however you make music. You like this Be the first of your friends to like this. My Account Wishlist My Cart: Easy and generous returns. Authorized Dealer of most products. Menu Search Close Search.

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It basically does what I'm trying to accomplish with the small mixer and M-Audio interface plus a lot more. Thanks for the suggestion and the link. Burn it to a CD and then proceed to jump around and make heart hands at a festival near you.

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Now if you're actually attempting to do some live PA type of performances then I applaud you. Scully DJ Services 8: Could be reading it wrong, but it sounds to me like youre just trying to combine both outputs into 1 signal that can be sent to speakers or something. It will work as your sound card for production purposes so you can sample from the decks.

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  • A Beginner's Guide To Audio Cables - DJ TechTools?
  • There are, however, certain devices that output considerably quieter or weaker signals that require an extra stage of amplification to output at a similar volume. The two most commonly encountered pieces of gear for DJs will be turntables and microphones.

    Microphones also require a pre-amp as passive mics also tend to be very weak compared to line level sound. Most line or front-of-house mixers have both line level and mic level inputs that can be plugged into. Unlike phono pre-amps, the input does not alter the sound outside of amplification so it is possible to plug a line level output into a mic input and drastically lower the gain to prevent clipping.

    RCA is one of the most ubiquitous cable formats in audio gear. Developed in the s, it has remained largely unchanged since and continues to be one of the standard cables for linking audio components. This cable is used for everything from CDJs to mixers to main outputs to stereo systems. Due to the unbalanced nature of RCA cables, they are best used for shorter distances.

    How would I go about combining a production set up with a DJ setup |

    These cables are also used as PA Speaker cables, microphones, and instrument patch cables. Outside of headphones, in the DJ world, they are often used as main outputs or booth outputs.

    Signal Flow

    The important thing to note: TRS cables are balanced while TS cables are unbalanced. The easy way to tell the cables apart is that TRS cables have an extra plastic ring around the jack rather than the single in a TS cable.


    XLR cables are one of the standard cable formats for pro audio. Unlike most audio cables, XLR will almost always have two different ends — one male and one female. XLR outputs and inputs are most commonly used for main outputs on mixers or higher end controllers or for microphones.