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People are graduating from college, working at their first job, having relationships, getting married and having kids. For brands, this means that educational content can perform well. Products that are related to these milestones will also receive a lot of impressions. For example, tips on shopping for a new home or useful kitchen appliances target this age group. Bank of America uses Pinterest to create an online resource for people to be more financially literate. Their Boards address all the life milestones from wedding planning to having a new money.

The Pins are tagged with their branded BetterMoneyHabits hashtag and lead to educational content. It makes a good business case for advertising on Pinterest. Create content for various stages of the purchase process. Forty percent of Pinners reached were new to the brand advertising on the network. Scattered among pins from Pinners they follow, are Pins that brands have created to promote to a certain demographic. The more specific and useful the Pin is, the better.

Better, you want to target people who are looking for sweet gift ideas or looking up decadent chocolate recipes. Pinners love their phones. When a search result page first comes up, the top bar will list topics that are often searched with the first set of terms. It offers users more in-depth exploration. And relevant hashtags serve as another search modification tool. Your descriptions should actually describe the Pin and what the Pinner is looking for. Enabling Rich Pins on your site also means that Pinners can receive even more content when they open a Pin. Quality images and a high aspect ratio are key to getting your Pins noticed.

You want their thumb to pause because the Pin caught their eye. If text is absolutely needed, a brief title or description of the Pin should be more than enough.

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IKEA uses its Boards to address different audience demographics. The top two categories alone span a lot of industries. Wayfair sells a wide variety of items online. While they do use a lot of lifestyle photos for their furniture products, they also sell smaller items. This Pin demonstrates a quick DIY project that makes use of several of their products.

Clicking through takes you to a list of all the involved products for an easy shopping experience. Remember, Pinners use the network to research and plan. It makes sense that Boards are created for shopping purposes. The beauty of Pinning content is that every Repin means more eyes on your content.

Your content gets to live on the network for far beyond the initial Pin. If your Pin is Buyable , it makes the shopping experience more seamless for the customers. Evergreen content is content that can be useful beyond its publishing date. For Carnival Cruise Line, that means Pins like cruise fashion, best bites in a destination city and tips for planning a cruise wedding are useful year round. Fifty-five percent of Pinners say they use Pinterest to shop for and find products.

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This is great news for advertisers who sell products. Baileys promoted one of their popular Pins about a Baileys sundae recipe. It appeared among drink recipes. The timing of it is also perfect since summer weather calls for an ice cream sundae. They spend after researching, which could make them more dedicated customers. To make it easy for potential customers to research you, install the Save button on your website and optimize your product pages for Product Pins.

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Having Product Pins allow customers to see the price along with a short description directly in Pinterest. Forty-one percent of Pinners who shop in-store also use Pinterest while shopping. In fact, they like to plan far ahead of time. In the cycle of content production and advertising planning, it means you need to be looking several months ahead for major holidays. Best gifts for moms are Pinned starting in February.

For businesses who want to target around special days, Pinterest offers a Possibilities Planner that shares a calendar for planning and content ideas for each one. Travel is a big category on Pinterest. Boards are created for new trips and for general research purposes.

Adding collaborators to the Boards make group trip research easy. Seventy-five percent of travel Pinners find brand content useful.

Your brand may not be a travel brand like a cruise ship but chances are that you overlap into the travel audience. For example, a coffee shop can Pin the best coffee shops in their city for tourists who are traveling to their area. Or a cooking class can advertise to those who are interested in food and travel. Road Affair is a travel blog written by a globe-trotting couple. There is still some hope for us procrastinators to come up with a pleasing and meaningful gift idea without having to spend a fortune to do it!

If you and your sweetheart don't drink, or you're celebrating the holiday with your little "sweethearts" kids Grab a package of heart-shaped Post-it notes from the grocery store, write down things you love about him or her and scatter them throughout the house. They will love it! Put together a big card made with poster board or foam core board with candy bars attached and cute candy bar sayings.

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These are so much fun to do! This is a bouquet I made for my husband last year. Bonus points for making them heart-shaped! What you hate to take out. Simple As That Blog. I love this particular quote! Baseball season is just around the corner…surprise the sports fan in your life with tickets to opening day. Put the tickets in a Valentine card and to make it extra special purchase a t-shirt or hat to pair them with.

It also will allow both of you to sleep in the next day. Move it to fit around your work schedules. Just pour the batter in the frying pan in a free-form heart shape and serve with strawberries and whipped cream. This would definitely show your loved one how much you care. Let the entire world know how special your partner is with a website in their name. Take a picnic blanket — or a sheet will do — and set up a romantic picnic in your living room.

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Feature food from your favorite deli or gourmet shop, and maybe a few adult beverages. You could also make your picnic an outing, like a car parked at a favorite overlook, a high-rise office building with a glittering view of the city lights, or a borrowed boat or RV. Little things can make all the difference for people who are in need of a little extra love.

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